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yes, i am opening up my shop again. i had set myself a deadline for some weeks ago, but SO MANY things kept going wrong. i won’t even get into that. also, if i have a private deadline it’s likelier that i’ll keep pushing it. so here’s an official announcement! maraleopard clothing will be back in business at the end of the week. start getting excited! & putting money aside!

i’m still on the fence about etsy or artfire though. on one hand, i already know etsy. other people already know me on etsy. i have feedback on etsy. etsy has a nice, clean layout. on the other hand, artfire seems to have a lot more advantages, even if you have to pay a regular fee. but because of the regular fee, you never have to pay for listings or EVER RE-LIST PRODUCTS. or maybe i’ll just do both & never re-list anything on etsy, until that shop is empty. in fact, i’ll probably do both.

on to the clothes.

i only have three new pieces so far, two of which took me forever. it’s kind of funny, i was working on this whole professional design concept & trying to sketch as much different variations of things in a coherent collection before sewing anything. then it drove me crazy & i went back to my old method of buying fabric willynilly & then letting them whisper to me what they wanted to be. if it ain’t broke…

i don’t have detail shots of them yet, so bear with me.



this skirt is my favourite! i really want to make another version of it for myself. i might make different versions in different sizes for my shop as well. it’s so fun & flattering & comfortable &, as opposed to similar skirts you’d find in the commercial shops, it has POCKETS & is lined.



(the blouse will be for sale, skirt is by obsequies)

i wanted to do something more-ish with a pattern. something with more emphasis on the cut of a garment & not so much the pretty fabric used to create it. of course i drew the pattern from scratch. i wanted it to be more flared from the waist down (although it could be that the flare i meant would show on someone with normal-sized hips), but overall i quite like how it turned out. it’s a pretty basic, but still very fun & girlie blouse. i will definitely make this in more colours & sizes. and/or offer it as a standard custom sized piece.



(it’s not supposed to fold at the side, that’s ’cause there was something wrong with the zipper & i pinned the dress closed instead. i’ll take a new shot of the back when that’s fixed.)

& here we’re back to emphasis on pretty fabric. i just couldn’t help myself when i saw this GORGEOUS fabric in the store. i knew at once that it had to become a swing dress, without too much distractions. so that’s what i made. i also drew an entirely new & improved pattern for the top of this. the entire dress is lined, has the mandatory pockets & a cute mismatched button detail at the front (that you can’t really see in these pictures, i apologize). it has a scattering of hand-stitched scraps too, which looks really nice with the pattern of the fabric.

my clothes have changed quite a lot since my fashion design course, haven’t they? for the better.

i would love to hear your opinions on these! but thanks for reading/looking anyway.


it’s friday again! which is when i like to feature things from other diy-ers.
this week’s theme is the fifties. while there were many things wrong about that decade (uhm, sexism?), it did have fabulous style. i love the type of dresses from then.

all from etsy. hope you like what i picked! be sure to check them all out! & comment to let those people i featured know that others actually read my blog!

these are all from etsy, found searching for floral. i already did a feature on this once, but that was so long ago, i needed to renew it. i just love floral things. can’t seem to get enough of it lately!

oh, i just want everything.

hope you like what i picked as much as i do! be sure to check them all out!

remember that polka dot high-waisted skirt i made with the bad petticoat? i didn’t think so. but anyway, i predictably ended up never wearing it & made a dress out of it:



Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

you can never have enough dresses. & i’ve been meaning to make a good swing dress for myself for a pretty long time. i LOVE those.

the skirt part looks SO MUCH better with a properly made petticoat. first i had just gathered very long straight pieces of tulle at the top out of lazyness & something looked off, but it took a while to realize that that was the problem. now i know why all petticoats have a tier of regular fabric at the top, even though it looks weird :p

& i probably won’t make anything new for at least a month :/ i unexpectedly have A LOT of catching up to do with school.