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been a while since i did this!

this weeks theme is ice cream, with all kinds of things relating to ice cream & in ice creamy colours.
enjoy (:

if you have an account on etsy, please comment & click on items in the treasury form of this, so they’ll get more exposure. thanks!


more handmade things on etsy! this weeks theme: floral.

now i’m in a really girly mood :p


but i was just too excited! & HAD to post this tonight. i just finished it.


Photobucket Photobucket

i love this so. very. much.

& i’m not even keeping it! D: you lucky bastards.

there’s not much to say about this one. i wanted to make another dress with my new pattern. preferably a polka dot one. & i had some hot pink & turquoise polka dot cotton. then this happened.
the construction went so smoothly. i’m so proud of the zipper ^-^ i’ve never gotten an “invisible” zipper in this neatly before. i think i’ll use them more often.

i’ll try to take better pictures (with me in it!) & list it this weekend. so save up, save up, save up.