finally some things for meeeee ^-^

Posted: July 31, 2009 in my creations
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i just finished these. i know i should be working on things for my store, but after the week i’ve had… yeah.

the skirt is so ridiculously wide. i love it! i look forward to taking up two-thirds of the streets & entire paths in trains & subways :]
though i’ll admit i feel a bit like a clown in it with the high waist. i’m soooo not used to high-waisted things. but i love high waisted skirts on other people, so i thought i’d give it a try. isn’t the lace at the bottom amazing? i got it from lindy laces on ebay (in bulk too!).

i also made a matching belt, because i’ve needed a waist belt for so long & can never find any i like. not the best work i’ve ever done, but what the hell. it’s my first belt!

i want to add something to the top of the skirt, but i can’t decide what. it looks so naked without the belt. then again, i could always wear it with a belt… any ideas?

  1. […] handmade, hearts, lace, lolita, pink, polka dots, swing dress, white by maraleopard remember that polka dot high-waisted skirt i made with the bad petticoat? i didn’t think so. but anyway, i predictably ended up never wearing it & i made a dress […]

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