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i just finished this today:


i love it so much! mostly because of the fabric. i was going to use that fabric to make something for my shop, but i torture myself enough with pretty clothes i can’t wear. so i made this lovely skirt for me :] i really needed more high-waisted skirts. still do. i think they might be my new thing. they’re so comfortable & flattering & make your legs look longer.


i wanted to add pockets in the side-seams, but, as often, i only just remembered that i was going to do that when i had already serged the sides shut. such a shame. pockets would really have made this one of the best skirts ever. despite that i made it a wee bit too big.


this one i made a looooong time ago, just never posted it. mostly because i wasn’t sure whether it was finished or not.


& just as i decided that it was finished & had photographed it & everything, i got the idea to add another row or two of lace at the bottom. which i’ll do when i’ve bought more lace.


thanks for looking!


this week, all black & silver & gothy things! :] all from etsy. it was very hard to find good things that fit that criteria between all the badly unoriginal overdone crap that passes for goth nowadays. but those that are done right… goddamn can they be good.


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i just finished these. i know i should be working on things for my store, but after the week i’ve had… yeah.

the skirt is so ridiculously wide. i love it! i look forward to taking up two-thirds of the streets & entire paths in trains & subways :]
though i’ll admit i feel a bit like a clown in it with the high waist. i’m soooo not used to high-waisted things. but i love high waisted skirts on other people, so i thought i’d give it a try. isn’t the lace at the bottom amazing? i got it from lindy laces on ebay (in bulk too!).

i also made a matching belt, because i’ve needed a waist belt for so long & can never find any i like. not the best work i’ve ever done, but what the hell. it’s my first belt!

i want to add something to the top of the skirt, but i can’t decide what. it looks so naked without the belt. then again, i could always wear it with a belt… any ideas?