custom orders

yes, despite my store currently being closed, i am still willing to do customs :]
(& even though my gallery is filled with girls’ clothes, i can make guys’ clothes as well.)

just e-mail me (maraleopard at gmail dot com) or send me a message through etsy/facebook & ask about it.

i can make you pretty much anything you want, in any size you like (no extra charge for larger sizes!); pinafore, vest, bloomers, dress, hoodie, pants, the list goes on & on. you can see examples of my work in my gallery. i can even reconstruct one of your many band t-shirts into something more imaginative!

the price really depends on what you want, i can’t exactly give you a quote on it until i know what you have in mind.

payment can be made with paypal or, if you live in holland, by bank transfer. & you will need to pay before i start working on your order.

i will finish & send out your order within two weeks after cleared payment. if i need more time (which is very unlikely unless i suddenly get flooded with orders), i will contact you about it.

& this may sound totally pretentious, but it IS an important thing to keep in mind when contacting me for a custom order: i am first & foremost an artist & not your personal seamstress. so don’t expect me to make something you fully designed yourself.