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i know, i know, i haven’t written in two weeks. but i don’t like posting when i don’t actually have anything to say. so there.

& thank you to everyone that’s been looking & commenting! :]

i just finished this an hour or so ago:

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i really wanted to make something (else) & wanted an excuse to use my new fabric, so i rummaged through my never-ending pile of t-shirts i should reconstruct & came across an old disney world t-shirt that i had totally forgotten about. i had the idea of making a simple racerback tank without all that frilly nonsense. but. somehow loads of frilly nonsense snuck in there anyway.

it started with the t-shirt being too small to cut a full front out, so i had to add side panels. & then the front was much too pink (even for me) & i added the eyelet tape. then the rest of the front looked too bland & i added the lace on top & the bows. but then the bottom looked even more naked, so i pulled some ribbon through the eyelets. & then i looked at it, cringed at the lolita-ness & thought “oh well, might as well go all the way” & added the lace at the bottom.

the back was a lot more straightforward; just my new pink & white stars & stripey fabric. i got it from purpleseamstress on ebay. she also threw in the eyelet tape & the lace i used at the bottom, which i found pretty awesome.

i’ve never made a racerback tank before, so i’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. i probably should’ve made the racerback part thinner though. i’ll just remember it for my next one :p

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i made this one right before the aforementioned. started yesterday, finished it this morning. i meant to reconstruct that stone sour t-shirt AGES ago. i bought a medium, so i had more options with it & never meant to wear it as it was. that was about two years ago. & i’ve worn it many times since, as unflattering as it was. heh. but no more!

i never knew what to do with it because of the colour of the graphics, but then i got the idea to give it a lace yoke & flutter sleeves from vivifromage. it really wasn’t hard to do, though the sleeves kind of confused me. & when it was almost done i decided to give it a regular black collar as well. i also had to give it a big neck opening, ’cause otherwise my dreads wouldn’t fit through xD

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i actually made this over a week ago, but then i put it in my closet right after it was finished & forgot to take pictures & show it off. it’s made from an old, worn to death, mugglecast t-shirt. even though my obsessed harry potter phase is officially over & i haven’t listened to mugglecast in forever, the mugglecasters still hold a special place in my heart. in fact, they’re one of the main reasons my obsessed harry potter phase lasted that long xD

back to the top. it’s fairly simple, just a (modified) contour bust top with mesh side panels & some decorative lace & bows. the bust part is actually very bright purple, but my camera totally butchered it. i’m sure i’ll get lots of “no theory is safe? what the hell is that about?” questions when i’ll wear this. especially now that it’s so flashy & goes perfectly with my tutu’s, so it will get even more wear. oh, well.



& i tried other expressions than my default cute half smile! :p made this little photoshoot a lot more fun.

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the vest is my favourite. it was really tedious to make. especially all those pockets. but it was totally worth it :] i love the crazy polka dot & stripe-ness. and the pockets! it has five! i’m so jealous of whoever buys this. i named it corey. why?! well, when i was making this i mostly listened to stone sour & slipknot & thought about how smart & awesome corey is & how much i loved him. then i had the inevitable thought: “i’ll name this vest corey!” so i did :p

the skirt is a lot simpler, but still awesome. and it actually has neatly finished edges! see, i can actually do those :p i just don’t like neatly finished edges as much. this one is called franny. i couldn’t really think of a name for this one, so i just took the one from one of my oldest friends. & it actually fits!

& i did NOT make the blouse, it’s just from american eagle.

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i actually made this quite a few months ago, but didn’t take proper pictures or put it for sale ’til now. the only reason i reconstructed this to sell was that my dad accidentally ordered two of those shirts, so i had one that i didn’t really do anything with. i think i’ll reconstruct more t-shirts to sell though, despite the many others who sell reconstructed t-shirts. but i haven’t come across any others in holland yet, so i might have a monopoly here :]

anyway, that’s all i have for you today. i rhymed! it’s not a lot, i know, but there’s more on the way! really. i still don’t know what to do with that swing dress, but i started with a polka dot pinafore yesterday & all i need to add are buttons & pockets. i hope mom can give me money for buttons… or hopefully i’ll sell something tonight :p because i’m broke! & it sucks.

oh! speaking of selling, i also have a shop on etsy now. (thanks mom!) it really was for the best.