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i woke up with ‘cell block tango’ from chicago (love that musical/movie) in my head. & when i was browsing etsy for items to feature that led to my theme.

razzle dazzle ’em & they’ll make you a star.

all from my super talented attackofthecraft etsy street teammates. enjoy!

ps. if you have an account on etsy, please comment & click on items in the treasury form of this, so they’ll get more exposure.


something a little different this week. instead of doing a search & posting items from lots of different diy-ers, i’ll just feature one designer this week.

the clothing from toxic vision always blows me away & the latest collection is even more amazing than usual. so, without further ado:

enjoy! :]

don’t worry, i haven’t forgotten about this :p

all from etsy. no real theme this week, just hats. mostly top hats. i was actually a bit surprised at how many amazingly talented milliners there are on etsy. i love hats. i want more hats. if you’re a milliner & like my clothes, feel free to approach me for a trade :]