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it took me so long to decide on a theme for this week, but in the end it became steampunk (: i kinda love steampunk things, despite the complete lack of fun colours. don’t you?

they’re all from etsy.
hope you like what i picked! don’t forget to actually click on those links & check them all out!

& an extra featured item, because it’s so adorable i couldn’t resist:




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for me, again. i made this yesterday. it’s sooooo comfortable. & surprisingly hard to pull over my dreads D: it also violently clashes with them.

this was mostly an experiment. i’m really trying to get out of my comfort zone & add more diversity to my work. & trying new colour schemes! the one thing those fuckers from art school were right about is how limited my use of colour is. too much of the things i make are just pink/black/white (or red instead of pink). & while this isn’t drastically different, it is a lot darker than my usual stuff. & more mature. despite the clown collar :p

i love that fabric so much. & the aforementioned collar. & the full-circle skirt part! you know, floral patterns are pretty tricky to work with if you’re used to overdecorating everything. but i think this has just the right amount of detail. what do you think?