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so, technically not friday, but i’ve been on such a good blogging roll last month, i just couldn’t miss a post. comments or no comments.

this week things from etsy again & the theme is cabaret. totally inspired by evelyn evelyn & co.


be sure to check them all out! & heart them! & buy them! :]


this week’s theme: polka dots! i’ve been on a polka dot kick lately. more than usual :p but polka dots are just awesome.


these are all from etsy, again. hope you like what i’ve picked! i know i do. those hair things make me miss having hair :p

i didn’t forget it this week! anyway, these are all from etsy, found searching for gypsy. i love gypsy-ish things ^-^ well, a certain kind of gypsy-ish.

& it took a long time to find anything i liked enough to feature with that tag, so please actually click on those links & maybe even buy something :p both for those talented craftspeople & me. just not that last skirt because i’m going to buy that one :p when i have money. & it’s not sold before i do…

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i haven’t made bloomers for far too long.
i finished these yesterday :] they’re insanely comfortable.

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i love this skirt sooooooooo much! you can’t really see it in the pictures, but it’s REALLY wide. & so fun to twirl around in! the bottom tier is like 6 metres. widest skirt i’ve ever made :p i made it from the same amazing silk that i used for the skirt that i posted last week. i cut the lace from a poizen industries (what was i even thinking buying it?) dress that i wore once over a year ago. it’ll get a lot more use now :p

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wow, that lighting really doesn’t do anything good for my thighs D:

anyway. these are a lot older (maybe you’ve seen them in my portfolio), but i never took good pictures of them. not that these pictures are so spectaculair. i really need a new camera…

these are probably my favourite bloomers that i’ve ever made. pink+white+stripes+raw edges+sequins+lace+a heart & a bow? yeah, i put as much awesomeness in it as i could muster :p now i just need some tops to go with it!

& now the bag.

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i made it today. i’m so very proud of it ^-^

it’s only my second proper bag that i’ve ever made :] i’ve wanted to make that bag for WEEKS now, but i was pretty intimidated. it looked so difficult! it wasn’t though. just A LOT of work. especially because i insisted on putting in so many compartments. i can’t stand bags who just have one.

this one has three extra ones on the inside, one zippered, one for my cellphone & one for my ipod. & all three zippers one the front have one behind them! very handy for things like pens & business cards (which i still need to get…) i also put a D-ring on the inside for my keys to hook on to & blinged the main zipper out with some old jewellery.

i based the pattern off of an old h&m bag. while that bag was VERY flawed (as usual), i really liked the slouchyness of it. i already know i’ll get sooo much use out of this bag. it has everything i love in a bag; long strap, lots of compartments, pink, patterned lining, lots of zippers, bling & it’s a decent size too :]
i’m sorry old nightmare before christmas bag, but your time is over.

oh yes, & remember when i said “it’ll probably be within the next week?” about making & listing new stuff? there’s been a change in plan. i need a few new things for myself first & the few days that i can work next week, will be on my swap. then i’ll go to belgium & probably won’t make anything new to sell in the next two weeks.
but it’s not like you’re buying my stuff anyway :p