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i wish i’d spent more time sewing this vacation.




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i bought a really warm oversized cardigan at we a while ago. & discovered just how awesome oversized things can be. & decided that i needed more. so i made this from a nice warm stripey fabric i had laying around. i wanted to keep it pure black & white at first, but later thought that it would look better with red, even though that made it slightly less versatile. i got the red fabric from an old shirt from my brother (: & painted the red border on the buttons myself. they only had black in that size at the fabric store.




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customized vintage cardigan. i’m not sure if it’s done yet. i actually wanted to make this less sweet and cute, but it ended up like unicorn vomit anyway. story of most of my designing life.
i also wanted to do more things i don’t usually do, which i think i did succeed in. the pockets i got from a vintage skirt i shortened. on the one i sewed pink roses & added little stems of braided ribbon & leaves of regular ribbon. on the other i made an abstract sort of sun with gold rope (left over from my old éowyn costume!). & i just had to somehow incorporate that embroidered duck in it. i embroidered it myself, when i was like ten. first i wanted it on the chest, but it would be too big. so i moved it to the back & added some frills around it. the light blue bows on the sleeve were a third row of frills, but that row looked awkward so i removed it.



work in progress. i want to decorate/destroy it more, but i’m not sure how yet. it’s just two identical (aside from the colour) shirts buttoned together. my brother’s. he just loves what i did to them. [/sarcasm]
i got the idea for this flipping through some diy book at the bookstore. it was the only project in it that caught my attention. so simple & so amazing. usually i would have been perfectly satisfied with the simple buttoned together thing. but as an artemis student, constantly urged by teachers to do things over & over & over better & better & better in different versions, i thought ‘awesome, but what more can i do with this?’ so i threw coffee & black ecoline over it. it’s much darker than it seems in the pictures. when it was dry i decorated the sleeves. & put it aside for a while.
i also found a different way to wear it:



only the back would need to be sculpted a little more. either way, i love how it drapes. & the surprise v-neck.
i think this could be really really amazing when it’s finished. it’s a whole new direction for me too, which is good. lately i can get really sick of all that neat, perfect, predictable cuteness.


i’m so glad i have vacation this week. now i can sew again! for anything other than that stupid sewing techniques class! i’m trying to make as much things as possible from materials i already have for my shop. it’s been so long since i added anything new.



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anyway, the theme for this month (craftanon team) is stripes. & this is what i came up with, from what i already have. it took absurdly long to make. & i did it all wrong twice. i’m so out of it, it’s ridiculous. but i think it turned out alright. eventually.



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more stripes! this one went very smoothly, until the end. somehow the bottom became wayyy too wide. & i had to put in a new, smaller band of that awesome hearts fabric i have very little of. i love it though.

will be listed soon-ish.


i made this yesterday. i love it so very much. i could wear it every day. it’s so cute & fruity & comfortable & flattering & has CANCER BATS on it <(^-^)> i usually don’t model clothes i don’t plan to sell myself, but my dressform really wouldn’t do this dress justice.


this is the first empire-waisted dress i’ve ever made out of a t-shirt. to me, it always seemed like such an obvious way to reconstruct a big ol’ t-shirt, which is why i always refused to do it. & also because these are very easy to get wrong. aesthetically, i mean. but then i saw this amazing hooded one & was inspired.


i bought that t-shirt at a cancer bats show on tuesday. i loved the colours of it. unfortunately i bought a medium (note to self: when planning to reconstruct it, ALWAYS buy the largest) & it didn’t quite have enough fabric in it for the part above the empire waist. that part is made out of four sleeves! two from other t-shirt remnants. it was a very tight fit, but i think it turned out well. & at the front i was able to use the sleeve parts to my advantage :]


i didn’t have to buy anything new to make this dress, which was awesome. have i mentioned how much i love it?


thanks for looking!

i just finished this today. i started a few weeks ago with it, right before my old sewing machine broke. but nearly everything is sewn with my new one :] have i mentioned how much i love my new sewing machine?


i’ve never made a messenger bag before. i don’t know why, i love messenger bags. i think it turned out very well! i didn’t follow any specific guidelines or anything, i just drew a very simple rectangle pattern (of which i later rounded the bottom edges off) based on the measurements of my school binder & started cutting & sewing.


i love the colours of it so much! (hot) pink, turquoise & yellow is pretty much my new all-time favourite colour combination.

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it has six pockets in total: a large plain one (not pictured) at the back, one at the side, one at the front with five pen pouches, a zippered one on the inside back & two more at the inside front. aren’t pockets awesome?


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& this is/will be for sale :] i just have to list it first…

so, the day before yesterday i applied for membership of the craftanon etsy street team & i got accepted! which is awesome.

to celebrate (& do my part in spreading the word) i’ll feature products from other street team members, i haven’t featured before, this week.


it was VERY hard to choose what to feature, even with featuring more products than usual. i hope you like what i picked! & make sure to check them all out!

CraftAnon Etsy Street Team Member

Please visit these CraftAnon Etsy Street Team shops!


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(i’m not on that list yet though)

i always overestimate my sewing speed. both of these took SO LONG. the first skirt i had worked on on & off since sunday. the second one i had finished cutting at around 10 am this morning & i optimistically thought that i could have it finished by 12. FAIL. it was almost 8 o’ clock at night when i finished it. & i had only taken breaks to eat & neurotically check my e-mail while switching music. what! i was working unusually fast & concentrated too. see how much attention i pay to my clothes?


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again, these look much more impressive on an actual person. they’re full circle skirts.

isn’t that rainbow plaid amazing? because of that fabric i wanted to keep this skirt on the simple side. it has an equally full red underskirt with a long row of gathered tulle at the bottom & red polka dot pockets! one on each side, with a bow & differently colored heart buttons. i wanted to give it pockets in the side seams, but only just remembered that when i had already serged both sides shut. this is a common occurrence. so many of my own skirts are pocketless for that same reason.


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i want to keep this one for myself! it’s just so full of awesomeness. varied polka dots, floral, ruffles, lots of bows, the timeless combination of black & white… & with this one i did remember to add the pockets in the side seams! it has a sewn-in full circle underskirt as well.
but alas, it’s much too big for me. i made something in a large for once! it’s about 38 inches around the top. i’m working on diversifying the sizes. & you know, my designs in general.

i’d love to hear some opinions before i list these. & thanks for looking! :]

oh, & i probably won’t be able to finish a friday features today. sorry! tomorrow?

remember that polka dot high-waisted skirt i made with the bad petticoat? i didn’t think so. but anyway, i predictably ended up never wearing it & made a dress out of it:



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you can never have enough dresses. & i’ve been meaning to make a good swing dress for myself for a pretty long time. i LOVE those.

the skirt part looks SO MUCH better with a properly made petticoat. first i had just gathered very long straight pieces of tulle at the top out of lazyness & something looked off, but it took a while to realize that that was the problem. now i know why all petticoats have a tier of regular fabric at the top, even though it looks weird :p

& i probably won’t make anything new for at least a month :/ i unexpectedly have A LOT of catching up to do with school.