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spontaneous etsy feature!

all from fellow craftanon street team members. enjoy!


let’s pretend it’s still friday for a few minutes.

this weeks theme is lolita. i LOVE anything lolita related.

all from etsy. one of these weeks i’ll try to find things to feature from other sites :p i hope you like the things i picked! i know i do. & make sure to check them all out!


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testing out my newly drawn dress pattern! i have a feeling i will use this pattern to death.

i made this to match my long pink bloomers. it looks pretty bad in the picture & especially on the dressform (it has no hips!), but it’s 1-ish in the morning & i’m not in the mood to model right now. i will absolutely take better pictures with me in it & the bloomers another time though :]

this dress is so comfortable! & flattering! & it has SEQUINS! ❤

i also attempted to make a fingerless glove today. i love those really fancy gloves with the tops cut off.


it turned out pretty good. the only problem is the sizing. it’s an awfully claustrophobic struggle to get my hand past the wrist part & my pinky & index fingers through. & when i have it on, it kind of cuts of the circulation from my pinky & index fingers. they turned blue! before i managed to get it off again.

but for stretchy fabrics this pattern would be perfect! for non-stretchy fabrics i’ll have to draw a slightly bigger pattern.

& now i’m tired & desperately need sleep.