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been a while since i did this!

this weeks theme is ice cream, with all kinds of things relating to ice cream & in ice creamy colours.
enjoy (:

if you have an account on etsy, please comment & click on items in the treasury form of this, so they’ll get more exposure. thanks!


this week another craftanon etsy street team edition. i think i’ll do these regularly, once a month or so. my fellow teammates are always churning out so much amazing stuff & i need to promote the team more anyway :p


these are, obviously, all from etsy. you can find more team members by searching for ‘craftanon team’ there.
be sure to check them all out! & heart them! & buy them!

it’s friday again! which is when i like to feature things from other diy-ers.
this week’s theme is the fifties. while there were many things wrong about that decade (uhm, sexism?), it did have fabulous style. i love the type of dresses from then.

all from etsy. hope you like what i picked! be sure to check them all out! & comment to let those people i featured know that others actually read my blog!