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this week’s theme: polka dots! i’ve been on a polka dot kick lately. more than usual :p but polka dots are just awesome.


these are all from etsy, again. hope you like what i’ve picked! i know i do. those hair things make me miss having hair :p


i know you must be DYING of curiosity,

Posted: February 7, 2010 in maraluce

about my shaved head. or you’ve probably wondered about it for 2 seconds & then moved on to the next blog.

but, finally a picture!


i just shaved it again more neatly today. i still have some pink & bleach in it *shakes fist*
but whatever. it’s just a few millimeters. i’ll just let it grow out again to a lovely death metal length from now on. & stay away from bleach! & hair dye in general. for now.

a new chapter in my hairstory.

Posted: August 12, 2009 in maraluce

when i was little i always wanted really short hair, like a boy. but my mommy didn’t allow it. i don’t know why. & now, completely unintentionally, my hair is much shorter than it’s ever been (when i had the sides shaved doesn’t count :p).


as you can see, my hair was a disaster when i took my dreads out. & not just because of the lack of pink. the sides were still short because of the shaving thing last year & when i had braided my dreads in, i simply cut off everything that stuck out in the middle so my real hair would be somewhere around the same length again.


luckily the amazing hairdressers at kinki never fail me. this new haircut will take a lot of getting used to (it’s so SHORT; most of it anyway), but the more i look at it, the more i like it! it’s so sleek & futuristic. when it’s straight, at least. i could also tease & hairspray it to hell & then it would look completely different, but still awesome. & if i pop on a mouse-eared headband (& follow doe’s minnie mouse make-up tutorial), i could be a real human version of minnie. if only i had a mouse-eared headband…

also, i’m amazed at how androgynous i can look with short hair. i like it :] & you might want to take a good look at these pictures, ’cause you probably won’t see any others of me with my glasses again. i hate how the lenses completely deform my face. but i couldn’t be arsed to take them off.

now go buy my clothes so i can dye my hair pink! & buy a pink wig to braid my dreads into. i don’t want my hair to be another colour ever again. except perhaps turquoise… but that would be too difficult because of how dark my natural hair colour is.

& because i know you’re only really following my blog for my clothes: i will get back to sewing tomorrow!