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i’ve been watching the second season of the l word again. i love it so. some of my very favourite things of that season are jenny’s grotesque, surrealistic carnival scenes.
i’ve also been reading rick moody’s demonology & am going to a burlesque circus show tonight.

so of course i HAD to do something with all that twisted carnival-esque inspiration.


extended version in a treasury on etsy.


spontaneous etsy feature!

all from fellow craftanon street team members. enjoy!

so, technically not friday, but i’ve been on such a good blogging roll last month, i just couldn’t miss a post. comments or no comments.

this week things from etsy again & the theme is cabaret. totally inspired by evelyn evelyn & co.


be sure to check them all out! & heart them! & buy them! :]

something a little different this week. instead of featuring a bunch of items from etsy, i will feature something, or rather someone, from deviantart. a writer.


autumn christian is probably the most amazing unpublished (concerning actual books) writer i’ve ever come across. she calls herself a horror writer, but her work is so, SO much more than that. i can’t really explain it, you’ll have to read her work for yourself. (unless you’re very sensitive about scary/gory/god-related things, then you probably shouldn’t)

i’d recommend starting with he whispers like flowers, it’s not too long & like everything else, amazingly written. i mean, just read this: “He tasted like the snow my feet used to freeze in. Did you know the devil whispers like flowers? He does.
& another one of my favourites is walk on water, baby, if only for this piece of amazingness: ‘”Hell is a hallway with a single exit door. And on that door is a sign that says ‘This is not for you.’ You can leave hell any time, did you know that? you just have to leave by that door. Most of humanity will spend close to an eternity in hell because of this. Because ‘This is not for you.'”
“I don’t understand. ”
“You never imagined,” God said, “that salvation would come through disobedience.

seriously, check out her work. if you like reading at all (& are not easily disturbed), you will not be disappointed.

this week, all black & silver & gothy things! :] all from etsy. it was very hard to find good things that fit that criteria between all the badly unoriginal overdone crap that passes for goth nowadays. but those that are done right… goddamn can they be good.


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so, the day before yesterday i applied for membership of the craftanon etsy street team & i got accepted! which is awesome.

to celebrate (& do my part in spreading the word) i’ll feature products from other street team members, i haven’t featured before, this week.


it was VERY hard to choose what to feature, even with featuring more products than usual. i hope you like what i picked! & make sure to check them all out!

CraftAnon Etsy Street Team Member

Please visit these CraftAnon Etsy Street Team shops!


After Midnight Designs

Alarming Charms

aNGrYGiRL Gear

Bella Mia Beads

Black Kitten Accessories

Black Widow Clothing


Chyld’s Etsy Shop

Concertina’s Ami Army

Custom Cranium

Cutie Dynamite

Dame Named Redd Designs

Darling Niki

Dismantled Fashions

DiYScene For Charity

EyeScream Industries

Fabulously Fierce

Gothcupcake Creations

Headless Tess DIY

Heart Sized Crush


Inverness Studios

It’s A Swindle

Jen Ell’s Revenge


Killer Kitty Clothing


Kris Star Clothing

Lady Moon Designs

Mean Look


Night’s Requiem

Perfect Pins

Pet Zombie Creations

Platipuses DIY

Poisoned Creations

Poppy’s Wicked Garden

Psyco Hatress


Rocky The Zombie

Sisters of the Moon

Smarmy Clothes


Spooonfuls of Awesome

Synthetic Seduction



The Vintage Doctor

Things That Bling


Vicmes Diy Clothing and Accessories

Warning Label Creations

WickedBadNaughty Glass

Winter Lights Clothing

Worthy Soy Candles


(i’m not on that list yet though)

this week’s theme: polka dots! i’ve been on a polka dot kick lately. more than usual :p but polka dots are just awesome.


these are all from etsy, again. hope you like what i’ve picked! i know i do. those hair things make me miss having hair :p