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so, i’m in fashion school now. this week a teacher asked if any of us were bloggers. i tentatively raised my hand. & decided that i really should resurrect this thing. as much time as i don’t have. i’m not sure yet if i’ll continue with my old regular segments or do more spontaneous posts. i kind of love the idea of spontaneous posts. what do you think? speaking of, thank you so much for still checking my blog! my stats page was nowhere near as sad as i expected it to be.

here are some things i’ve sewn lately:





my jeans from last year got unbearably baggy. & i really wanted some kind of sleeveless jean jacket/vest. so i reconstructed it. i LOVE how it turned out. it was nice & easy to make too. i used a pre-made burda pattern for this one. it was one of those super rare occasions. the only other things i’ve ever used pre-made patterns for are an over-bust corset, a pair of pants, a button-up shirt, a hoop skirt & one other vest like this.

this is what it looked like before:



it had been very comfortable, for a while.



another reconstruction. reconstructed from a wednesday 13 t-shirt attempted reconstruction to a faux motorcycle jacket. that poor ruined shirt had been sitting on my to-fix pile for, what? nearly two years? then i saw the murderdolls two weeks ago (in germany! it was ah-maaah-ziiiiiing) & in that murderdolls/wednesday’s-bands-in-general mood i thought the time was ripe to save it.
this hoodie was very much inspired by angrygirl gear. i love her work. i made this a little roomier than usual (& with nice warm fleece), because i wanted just one comfortable non-fitted hoodie.




& that’s almost all i’ve sewn since that last dress. it’s ridiculous. otherwise i’ve only resized a few things & made a totally plain pink racerback top. hopefully i’ll get to do more this weekend.

thanks, as always, for looking!

p.s. for those of you who may have noticed & were wondering about my now empty shops, yes, they’ll absolutely be restocked. soonish. & customs are back open! (help a poor student out here)


this week, all black & silver & gothy things! :] all from etsy. it was very hard to find good things that fit that criteria between all the badly unoriginal overdone crap that passes for goth nowadays. but those that are done right… goddamn can they be good.


click on those links! heart them! buy them! & make people happy!
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so, the day before yesterday i applied for membership of the craftanon etsy street team & i got accepted! which is awesome.

to celebrate (& do my part in spreading the word) i’ll feature products from other street team members, i haven’t featured before, this week.


it was VERY hard to choose what to feature, even with featuring more products than usual. i hope you like what i picked! & make sure to check them all out!

CraftAnon Etsy Street Team Member

Please visit these CraftAnon Etsy Street Team shops!


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Inverness Studios

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(i’m not on that list yet though)

this week’s theme: polka dots! i’ve been on a polka dot kick lately. more than usual :p but polka dots are just awesome.


these are all from etsy, again. hope you like what i’ve picked! i know i do. those hair things make me miss having hair :p

yeah, i’ve been very busy the past few days (: yay for vacation! even though it’s only a week.
& i know i could rather spend this valuable time to make more things for my etsy store, but now that i’m back in school (& with the change of the seasons!) my need for new clothes is a lot more urgent. & it’s not like you’ve bought out everything already listed anyway.

let’s start with my favourite new thing:




it’s pretty basic, but so SPARKLY. i adore it ^-^ even though it’s much too thin for the coming winter. i really needed a hoodie in one solid colour, that wasn’t black.




made from a gossip girl tee. racerbacks are one of my new favourite things (:



i only made this to go with my red-ish band t-shirt reconstructed tops. i rarely wear those because i don’t really have anything to go with them. goddamn bands & their unoriginal merch that clashes with the rest of my clothes. like coffin nails. but i can’t bring myself to get rid of all my band merch & stop buying new from bands i love :p

& speaking of annoying band merch!




orange! thanks every time i die. it took so very long to decide what to do with it. & i’m still not sure if i like this. but, again, it’s probably just because of the orange hurting my eyes. i wanted to try a different way to reconstruct t-shirts (fit for colder weather!). got the built-in shrug thingie idea from vivifromage. what do YOU think?

before i start with more new things for my shop.



Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

i really like that plaid fabric. it’s such a lovely dark purple (not shown very well in the pictures). i bought it on a whim. & will probably buy more. look at me departing from my usual pink :p

there isn’t an awful lot to say about these. i wanted more zippered hoodies, so i dug through my pile of band t-shirts yet to reconstruct. grabbed the excuse to use that plaid fabric. then i topped it off with that white crown & key fabric i have a lifetime supply (actually just four yards) of & some eyelet tape.

i had just enough of the plaid & polka dot fabric left to make a mini skirt, so i did. with lace & sequins, of course.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

it used to be a HUGE solid black mens hoodie. i wore it to death during my short, depressing “ew, i gained weight & now i can’t wear tight clothing anymore” phase. but now i feel pretty & vain again & can’t fathom how i once dared to go outside in something that big & unflattering.

so, i gave it new life as a cute, fitted hoodie! there really wasn’t much i could do with it, since it was already a hoodie & the graphics on the front went all the way over the pockets. i just gave it a new hood, waistband & sleeves & decorated the pockets with lace. after making it smaller, of course :p

& this finally gave the c&a shirt that i only bought because it had stripes, but never wore (it had a pretty big keyhole at the front), a use! it’s in the sleeves, waistband & bow.

i love how it turned out ^^ i especially like that combination of red puffed sleeves & long striped ones under that. i also love how this hoodie is actually WARM. all my other hoodies that i like are made of either t-shirt fabric or spandex.

i can’t wait to wear this out! somewhere lots of marilyn manson fans will be!