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i’ve been a little obsessed with dystopic books & movies lately. what is it that makes a post-apocalyptic wasteland seem so seductive? the deterioration? zombies? tyranny? eternal darkness? or just the clothes you imagine wearing at such a time?

whatever the case, here are some great examples of such clothes & accessories. you don’t have to wait for the apocalypse to enjoy these (:

extended version of this in a treasury on etsy.


black & white edition. i will always adore black & white. & darker themed things.

all from my super talented teammates at the attack of the craft etsy streetteam.

this week, all black & silver & gothy things! :] all from etsy. it was very hard to find good things that fit that criteria between all the badly unoriginal overdone crap that passes for goth nowadays. but those that are done right… goddamn can they be good.


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