i know you must be DYING of curiosity,

Posted: February 7, 2010 in maraluce

about my shaved head. or you’ve probably wondered about it for 2 seconds & then moved on to the next blog.

but, finally a picture!


i just shaved it again more neatly today. i still have some pink & bleach in it *shakes fist*
but whatever. it’s just a few millimeters. i’ll just let it grow out again to a lovely death metal length from now on. & stay away from bleach! & hair dye in general. for now.

  1. Lady says:

    Oooooh me like!!!! I like bald women (or close to bald haha)

  2. Glendy says:

    I love it and think you look fierce, it takes a woman with a lot of confidence and style to pull this off darling šŸ™‚

    Much love always,

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