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been a while since i did a simple t-shirt reconstruction. even with all the regular band shirts i still have. it’s not quite as epic as my recent scrap dress, but still pretty damn fabulous.


i feel like i’m always saying how i love the clothes i make so much. now i’m going to have to say it again. I LOVE THIS DRESS SO MUCH. it’s the tea. it gives it that amazing impossible-to-capture-properly antique look. & makes the fabrics look much better together.
not that i don’t love everything else about this dress.


& the back! i was actually really stuck with that, for a good three quarters of a day. i wanted to keep part of it open, but how? vivifromage eventually inspired this. she’s amazing with those details.


i also really like how the sleeve things turned out. as you can see, they’re ruffles all around the arm opening. with all those ruffles they feel like little wings.

i can’t wait to wear this when i see etid again this sunday! or, you know, just to see them again.

bonus, just for fun picture:


thanks for looking!


back after many, many weeks :p

all from etsy, found searching for avant garde. it was so hard to find anything i really liked with that tag. hope you like what i’ve chosen! & be sure to check them all out!