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been a while since i did a simple t-shirt reconstruction. even with all the regular band shirts i still have. it’s not quite as epic as my recent scrap dress, but still pretty damn fabulous.


i feel like i’m always saying how i love the clothes i make so much. now i’m going to have to say it again. I LOVE THIS DRESS SO MUCH. it’s the tea. it gives it that amazing impossible-to-capture-properly antique look. & makes the fabrics look much better together.
not that i don’t love everything else about this dress.


& the back! i was actually really stuck with that, for a good three quarters of a day. i wanted to keep part of it open, but how? vivifromage eventually inspired this. she’s amazing with those details.


i also really like how the sleeve things turned out. as you can see, they’re ruffles all around the arm opening. with all those ruffles they feel like little wings.

i can’t wait to wear this when i see etid again this sunday! or, you know, just to see them again.

bonus, just for fun picture:


thanks for looking!


once upon a time there was a girl who lived all alone in the forest. she used to live with her loving parents. they had a vision of living in harmony with nature, living off the land like thoreau. then they were mauled by bears and died. it had happened when the girl was still very young, so she basically had to raise herself in the wilderness. as a child she was quick to accept these things, didn’t consider them strange. she couldn’t even comprehend the concept of ‘strange.’

her mother had been a ballerina and avid collector of vintage and their cottage was filled with beautiful things. the girl loved delving through these and dressing up in those old clothes. her favourite was a pastel tattered lace dress. especially with the woods surrounding her, it made her feel like a fae. she would often go exploring them all dressed up. if another human ran into her, they might actually think she was a fae. with her pale skin, big, round blue eyes, leaves tangled in her long hair, the magic in her innocence.

she liked to sing with the birds. they were always most friendly and accommodating to her. sometimes she thought she could understand exactly what they were saying. she also liked to climb up in the trees to them. one day she fell and broke her wrist. for lack of anything more suitable she fashioned something out of ribbons and scrap fabric for it. she was still in dire pain, but at least it looked lovely.

among the few things she had learned from her late parents was basic drawing. every day she drew in one of her mothers blank hand-made journals. her mother had shelves and shelves filled with them, she thought they looked oh so charmant. it was the one french word the girl knew. her mother had been fluent in it.

in her simplicity, the girl was the happiest around. she had never learned to be sad or unsatisfied. if you told her “ignorance is bliss,” she wouldn’t know or care what you meant. she wouldn’t know a lot of things. she wouldn’t know what a car is, wouldn’t know about mathematics or shopping centers. yet in her happiness she was probably among the wisest. she had discovered the secret so many people spend their entire lives searching for, the secret that there wasn’t one. it was a conscious choice. and that’s why she lived happily ever after.

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