indie shop review: gibbous

Posted: June 1, 2012 in diy propaganda
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let me just start by saying that gibbous is my favourite shop ever. it has such a world of its own, which is reflected in the website layout, pictures, descriptions, packaging, even communication with the owner.
& with my renewed interest in recycled/patchworky/’shabby chic’ clothes (& money, yay!), i decided that It Was Time for another gibbous purchase. i obsessively checked their site day after day until they uploaded that product i could not resist. it became this amazing little witchy cape.


as soon as i bought it, the lovely selene gibbous e-mailed me to confirm my purchase & let me know how soon it could be shipped. when it was shipped, she e-mailed me again to let me know when i could expect it. what service!



all in all i received it in a timely fashion. unfortunately i wasn’t home when it arrived & somehow my little brother confused it for something he ordered (he probably wasn’t wearing his glasses) & denied me the pleasure of opening it myself. anyway.
as usual, it looks so much better than in the pictures. it was very well-represented on their website though. & is so soft! & textured! & black! i love it!


it came wrapped in this cute vintage pattern instruction.




such a little work of art, so well constructed. & fits me perfectly. or as perfectly as a cape can fit. i can’t wait to wear this everywhere! what i love the very most about this is how versatile it is.


i know many of you are probably put off by their prices, but trust me, they’re worth it. good service too. both times i’ve bought from gibbous i had a very pleasant overall shopping experience. the only squabble i have is that, if you’re from outside the u.s., you can’t directly buy, but have to e-mail for a shipping quote first. then again, it’s understandable if you don’t have a lot of international customers.

here’s the link to their shop again. go buy things! you’ll love them, i promise.
i’ll probably be heading back there myself entirely too soon. lately they also do clothing make-overs! sounds amazing to me.


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