etsy shop review: sophine giam

Posted: May 24, 2012 in diy propaganda
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a couple of weeks ago i bought this fabulous rosary necklace from sophine giam. i had been looking for a good rosary necklace for days & in her shop i found the perfect one! i didn’t hesitate for a second to buy it. the seller was so lovely & efficient, she shipped my package the very next day.

i was unusually excited about it since it was the first time i bought anything outside of europe/the u.s. on etsy. or, ever, online, now that i think about it…


isn’t that adorable?


i saved these stamps. that’s how excited i was about getting mail from singapore.


then came the unwrapping of my highly anticipated package. my necklace was packaged with such care & eye for detail, it was amazing. i’ve bought quite a lot of handmade the past years & it’s not often that they’re packaged so magnificently.




there’s nothing like a magnificent product with magnificent packaging.



even the little cushion underneath the necklace was wrapped! amazing. as for the necklace itself, excellent quality. i adore it. it’s the perfect necklace. i especially love that it’s made with vintage beads. i’ve worn it almost every time i’ve been out since i got it.

short story even shorter: if you’re looking for good jewelry & good service, go to sophine giam. i give my highest recommendation.

here are some of her wonderful creations for you to consider:


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