what i wore 04/21/12

Posted: April 23, 2012 in what i wore
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haven’t done this in a while! i often forget to take pictures when i don’t intend to post it on my blog & then the habit slips.

anyway, i was at the elf fantasy fair on saturday, in such a lovely spot to take pictures. & i conveniently had my boyfriend to do just that.


jacket: we, customised
top: handmade
skirt: handmade
underskirt: handmade
slip dress: vintage
stockings: hunkemöller
hat: portobello road market in london
shoes: trusty doc martens
bag: warning label creations (review coming up)
cross earring: mademoiselle cafe au lait (review coming up)
rosary necklace: sophine giam (review coming up)
star necklace: bella lili
rings: gifts


i was wearing lots of layers & handmade that day. personally i think that’s the best (:


i also joined lookbook recently. i am curious how that will turn out. all of the people on the front page look like they could be models, which says a lot. as of this writing my profile is still empty, but i’ll add stuff later. if any of you are on there, do share yours.


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