striped long-sleeved trapeze top! with a sort of pattern

Posted: April 13, 2012 in my creations, tutorials
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made this yesterday. i’m so happy with it! it’s obscenely comfortable. & still looks awesome.


(i know, my expression suggests otherwise. i was not as enthusiastic about taking pictures of myself. tripod issues.)

i nicked the text from an old, very worn the blackout shirt. it made the front a little stiffer than i planned, so it doesn’t fall as nicely as in the back, but i ended up liking that. & it’s not like it lessened the comfort level.

the eyelet tape & D-rings on the shoulders was something i thought of at the last minute. in addition to being pretty, they also have the function of strengthening & keeping the shape of the shoulders. with those raw edges there is a slight risk of it stretching beyond recognition.


it’s so nice & wide. i could live in this forever.


Photobucket Photobucket

this was the first time i ever made something like this. with the exception of skirts, i usually make my clothes super fitted. this was nice to make for a change. & somewhat challenging. i only had the vaguest idea of how to get the shape i wanted. when i was cutting the fabric i pretty much just winged it. it could very well have turned out atrociously & to be a total waste of that nice fabric. but it didn’t (:

this was how i cut the fabric for the main body:


i used a regular fitted shirt pattern for a reference, & for the unchanged armholes, & tilted the hell out of it. i also placed it a little off the fold, to get that extra width at the bust. it was roughly 33.5 cm from the armpit & 55 cm from the widest part at the bottom (before the flared tip) to the fold. the flare was about 30 cm down. for the shoulder/neck opening i just followed the line of my original pattern to the end. when i was sewing i simply left 24 cm in the center open for the neck opening. i liked that straight line.


for the sleeve i used the matching pattern, only adding some to the bottom for a slight bell sleeve. at the wrist i made it as wide as at the armpit & made one side about 12 cm longer (that was as long as the remainder of my fabric allowed, but it turned out well).

putting it together was very easy. just sewing + serging all the sides shut & then sewing + serging the sleeves to the body. i wanted the edges raw. & then i topped it off with the text & eyelet things.

i want to make more of these! perhaps also without sleeves. or a cardigan version.
without sleeves it would probably be wise to make the arm openings bigger.

thanks for looking! & reading! if you want to make one yourself, i hope my pattern & mini tutorial were helpful!

  1. Karyl says:

    it is SO cute!!!! it DOES look comfy…..i haven’t done sleeves yet…and i have trouble with patterns, but this looks like something that i would want to try….maybe a tank top version….
    great job!

  2. Adam West says:

    This is awesome! I’m so making myself one! Thanks for the mini-tute!

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