& all that drama.
anyway, i was purging my closet of the massive amount of clothes i’ve outgrown stylistically recently & with all that cleared space & room to improve my wardrobe, i was inspired to sew again (: after almost half a year! my sewing machines were so dusty. where does time go?

first in an upcoming sewing spree is a reconstructed dress.



that classic laughing vampire dress that so many of us european goths owned or considered owning at some point. as much as i loved it, i didn’t wear it more than once. which is probably a good thing.

even now it was actually pretty hard to cut up. i kept thinking what a shame it would be to waste such a pretty dress. & what to DO with it? i was questioning all my ideas for hours.



but in the end it became much cuter & wearable on a daily basis. i love it more now ^-^ it’s so much lighter & more practical. especially lighter! the clowns who designed it obviously didn’t consider how the massive weight of such a large amount of fabric that heavy would affect the shape of the dress. if i had worn it more often it would probably have stretched completely out of proportion. but now it’s nice & light. i added elastic on the inside too, because it still stretched too much for my liking at the waistline.


the fabric really isn’t captured very well. it looks SO MUCH better with the naked eye. i love that fabric. i could really use more of it in my wardrobe.


[subtle plug] & since you’re interested in the clothes i make, a lot of what was purged from my closet is what i made myself, in excellent condition & for sale at a super low price. also some clothing from other diy designers & some odd vintage. i put all the good stuff in an album on my facebook page thing. take a gander! you can e-mail (maraleopard [at] gmail [dot] com) me if you see anything you want. everything that’s not sold before may 16th is going in the charity clothing bins, so bid now or forever hold your peace. [/subtle plug]

thanks for looking & reading & your continued support! have a fabulous day/night, wherever you are.

ps. i didn’t mean that bidding literally. i don’t like haggling over prices.

  1. Karyl says:

    this is so pretty!!!!

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