things i love thursday

Posted: October 13, 2011 in things i love thursday

yesterday i got held back about 50 minutes at school. it wasn’t too bad, after i finally got to discuss my work with my very encouraging teacher. after that i went straight to the train station & just made the train i had already accepted as missed, without even hurrying. then, while we were passing through den haag, they announced that someone was run over by a train right before the station i would have to get out & trains were not going further than we were. then i had to change trains three times, then take a subway where i’d have to change another time. it was so unbearably crowded & it took me SO long to get home & i was so tired (running on like 2 1/2 hours of sleep) & hungry & homicidal, what a fabulous time to write a gratitude list again.


fight club after such a terribly long day, it never gets old my brothers new headphones from shure, which he lets me borrow, they are completely closed both ways & so very lovely in a noisy train hula hooping this new lack of sun & getting my ghostly pallor back fresh vegetables walden sylvia plath poetry in general having a tidy room again, all this newly cleared space still delights me. i can work again! strangers smiling at you in a non-creepy way & being nice & considerate being able to skateboard! sort of. my brother has been teaching me (: & often ending up ‘facepalming’ seeing my two oldest friends again, & the absurdness that ensued tarot cards converge, been way too long since i listened to them & speaking of music, motionless in white, they are so amazing, live, on cd, in what they have to say. they have a pretty spiffy style too that my brother randomly bought me my two favourite muse albums, because he couldn’t find anything he was looking for in the cd store & happened to see them & had money also, owning a new tom waits album spotify radio, i keep discovering new, amazing artists through it passionate teachers that one of them has a muse ringtone my not-so-new-anymore classmates melancholia walks in the morning the peaceful bustle in the morning actually, really, truly being able to understand french. i realized this when i was flipping through a french vogue a couple of months ago & as i casually read some articles it was like, HEY. I CAN READ THIS. when it comes to languages french has always been my arch nemesis, so this is something that’s continually delighting me vacation starting today!

there has been so much more lately, but this is all i can think of now. here’s some brilliance to feast your ears & eyes on:


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