what i wore 09/22/11

Posted: September 22, 2011 in what i wore
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during our photostyling class today we had to go out & do a very mini-photoshoot. & since we had some extra time…


shirt: vintage
pants: toxic vision
beret: c&a
shoes: trusty doc martens
crochet necklaces: fringe
unicorn necklace: cupcakes and mace
rings: gifts, sugar mafia
bracelets: from a mcdonalds happy meal (shame these aren’t pictured :p)


this entire outfit was SO comfortable. i love spandex pants & big slouchy shirts. & of course, my trusty doc martens most of all ♥


for some reason i had horrorpops’ ‘heading for the disco’ stuck in my head a great part of the day. spandex pants, wide pink belt, she’s got the 80’s metal down. i don’t get why anyone would want to repeat this more than once…

& a direct result from the photoshoot part for school:


isn’t it lovely? lianne did such a great job. thanks again, if you’re reading this (:


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