what i wore 09/12/11

Posted: September 12, 2011 in what i wore
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i didn’t do anything more exciting than go to the library today, but that’s no excuse for looking like a slob. recently i’ve started noticing how often i say/write ‘but’. is it annoying you? it is annoying me. but often i can’t think of another way to phrase these things. see! i did it again.

(stupid desk)

shirt: vintage
waistcoat: handmade
skirt: handmade
tights: accessorize
shoes (pictured): h&m
shoes (i actually ended up wearing because the others were killing my feet before i was even out of the building): vans
scarf: crocheted myself (i can crochet!)
necklace: stoopidgerl
rings: gifts, sugar mafia



i just made this skirt yesterday. i feel so lazy now when i make skirts like this, because they’re so easy. but. i like these sort of simple ruffled skirts.


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