what i wore 05/29/11

Posted: May 30, 2011 in what i wore
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i went to the adicts last night. so of course i had to dress up. in a very creative way.
it’s been so long since i went out dressed so extravagantly. i had almost forgotten how much i loved it.



hat: claire’s, customized
dress: two shirts pinned & tied together
jacket: episode (vintage modified)
tights: claire’s & hema
shoes: trusty doc martens (not pictured)
necklaces: vintage, bella lili
wristbands: episode, various ridiculous alternative shops
rings: gifts


i love this hat. i bought it at claire’s last year when fashion was still in the throes of alice in wonderland. because these things can always be improved, i sewed on some cards & glued different ribbon on it. my choice of cards was entirely influenced by the adicts & motörhead.



it’s a shame i didn’t have time to take better, more complete pictures. i really really loved this outfit. & i wasn’t the only one. so many awesome people came up to talk to me. one woman liked my look so much that she practically forced me on stage when the adicts called for ladies to come up & dance, deaf to my protests that i sucked at it. so i danced & sang on stage with the adicts. & some other pretty girls. i had a pretty amazing time.
the moral of this story? dress the fuck up. always. you’ll have way more fun.

  1. Please, please dress up like that as often as possible. I have now reached an age where I look like a bag lady if I dress in any style other than elegant/classic. I used to enjoy making myself looking different – so do it while you can.
    I love your outfit – especially that hat.

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