Posted: May 13, 2011 in my creations
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i worked on it for three days straight. & i thought it would be so easy. i had to make it for school. we have so many classes to work on this, i thought, i’ll never need that much, half of the semester i’ll just be sitting around with nothing to do. WRONG. with the trial version i had to make & all the inappropriate fabrics (especially this) i went through, i had NOTHING at the end of that string of classes. luckily i still had this little vacation. & i’m rather pleased with being able to work on it without some teacher breathing down my neck (even though i like my teachers).


i suppose it turned out well. only the belt is a little crooked & the lining part isn’t as flawless as i would have liked. but with the fabrics! they were so slinky & restless & impossible to work with. but i thought, pretty. & if my teachers don’t like my new fabric this time they can just go -something i shouldn’t say on the internet.



Photobucket Photobucket

the assignment was to design an original ‘little black dress’ & then execute that design, just to clarify. i have never been a fan of those legendary lbgoddamnds. in fact, i get downright violent when people hail it as the best thing ever. something restricting every female NEEDS to have in their closet. but i won’t get into that. now.
however, with everything this assignment put me through, it was a good challenge (:

thanks for looking!


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