what i wore 04/26/11

Posted: April 26, 2011 in what i wore
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flipping through one of those facehunter books recently, i thought about what a terribly lazy, uncreative, invisible dresser i’ve become of late. & was ashamed. issues with my closet & lack of sleep are silly excuses. this morning i almost put on another blah pants & plaid shirt combo. but, all inspired by mrs. westwood i thought what if i wear this shirt another way? then i reversed it, buttoned the bottom buttons, turned the sleeves inside out, pinned one as a halter & pinned the other to the other side under the collar. suddenly my outfit was a lot more exciting. not great, but exciting. & creative.


hat: miami ink
shirt: vintage
tank: we
pants: river island
socks: emily strange
shoes: vans, customized
rings: gifts
rubber bands: various ridiculous alternative stores



even if it actually looked ridiculous, my way more ridiculous shoes would distract everyone anyway. i ♥ these shoes.


later i turned the lacey part inside, even i thought that was a bit too much.


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