new things i made :)

Posted: April 17, 2011 in my creations
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(has it really been a month since i posted?)

for the longest time i’ve been wanting to make a waistcoat out of this scrap of awesome floral twill my mom bought. & friday i did. it is rather nice to have four-day weekends this period.




Photobucket Photobucket

drew an all new pattern for this one. been a while since i did! i didn’t want to make that same old waistcoat i’ve already made like four times, with another tiny variation. i love how the collar turned out. i’ve never made a collar like that before. shame about the pockets. they’re so radically askew, i don’t know what happened there. i took very precise measurements. but since the difference is so big, it could seem deliberate & avant-garde? or maybe it’s not even noticeable with the fairly busy pattern. also, i ignored that the twill stretched & some parts are a little wonky because of it. & the lining! jesus, what a pain. especially the back, with the double layers of the lining fabric.

it was certainly a learning experience.

& yesterday i made this:





it took me so long to get just right. i wanted to do something loose & ‘artistic.’ i’ve been very inspired by vivienne westwood lately. original, i know. i thought it would be fun to make something right on a dressform again too, like we did in school last period. even though i think it’s not exactly my strong point. i LOVE how this turned out. part of me would still like to slap some bows & lace on it, but that would be distracting & ridiculous.

thank you for looking!


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