low-waisted cherry dress (with in progress pictures!) & another pair of bloomers

Posted: February 25, 2011 in my creations
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been in a bit of a sewing frenzy this week of vacation. i was totally supposed to do homework much of those hours of creating. oh, well. i did manage to combine both of those in this dress. i was irresponsibly going to make it anyway, but then i thought that if i tweaked my original vague idea a bit to make it more 20’s (dropped waist, knee length skirt part) it would not only be cuter, but could also be used for school (:
for culture studies we have to make a ‘modern impression’ of basically every different period since the ancient greek. this can consist of a drawing, related pictures of modern clothes, fabric swatches, even a whole self-made piece of clothing, as long as it’s related to that period. if we do make clothing, we also have to show our process. so i took pictures in-between & thought you might be interested to see that too.


i hadn’t made a dress like this before, so i had to draw a new pattern. at school i learned to draw fitted dress patterns in your chosen measurements from scratch. i could already draw my own patterns of course, but i had always worked from out something existing.


then i gathered materials, determined what would look good with the main fabric. in the end i nixed the ribbon.


started sewing with the gussets.


after i had put together the top part i checked on my dressform if the fit was right.


continued sewing. here the lining.




gathered the skirt part after i had sewn the layers together. then i just went on sewing without pictures.


last fit check.


& finished it all off. it only doesn’t have a zipper yet, i forgot to buy that. hope you enjoyed the little insight in my process!
i really love how it turned out <(^-^)> i made it for my shop, but i kind of really want to keep it.

some detail shots:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

i also made a pair of bloomers since my last post. i didn’t really have anything specific for it in mind. i’ll probably just keep it. it would look lovely with my gibbous dress. it would also add a bit of variety to my almost strictly black/pink/purple/red/white wardrobe. jesus christ, i’m sick of all that neon pink. which fills about three quarters of my closet.



just to show the detail on the heart:


i sort of machine embroidered a spiderweb on it. it was a hell of a job.

thanks for looking!

  1. I love this dress!

    p.s. if you are interested, I am having an art giveaway on my blog http://positiveponderings.blogspot.com/2011/02/quilted-night-sky-giveaway.html

  2. Pam Speak says:

    I LOVE that style of dress, it’s gorgeous! I would love to be able draft a pattern but I have only just figured out how to use a pattern so drafting would be a bit beyond my skill level.

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