etsy exceptionals

Posted: February 9, 2011 in diy propaganda
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sea/mermaid themed.

i’ve always loved mermaids & been fascinated by sea life.
when i was a mini mara i wanted nothing more than to be a mermaid. once, i let a friend of mine convince me that mermaids existed. she said that they lived in the shells on the shore at her beach house. she said it was very unlikely that we would see them, since they died very easily if they came out of those shells. but they were there.
i filled my pockets with those shells. i would stare at them until my vision blurred, hoping i would catch a glimpse. i never did, of course. eventually i realized that it was just a fantastical lie. yet, all these years later, i’m still looking.


also in a treasury on etsy, with more items. feel free to check that out, click on the items & maybe even comment on there so more people will see this talented bunch.


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