little what i wore round-up

Posted: January 17, 2011 in what i wore
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from the past week or so when i had the presence of mind/time to take pictures.





cardigan: vintage, customized
shirt: we
skirt: vintage, modified
tights: pieces
socks: hunkemöller
shoes: converse
cameo necklace† : bella lili
other necklace: self-made from a cancer bats guitar pick
rings: gifts, accessorize, sugar mafia
headband: self-made from vintage scraps
make-up: max factor powder, maybelline eyeliner, mac eye pencil, lancome mascara, lime crime lipstick

i had silverchair’s paint pastel princess stuck in my head all day.




jacket: episode (vintage modified)
shirt: h&m, customized
pants: meow kiki clothing, review of this coming up
shoes: doc martens (i had already taken them off when i took these)
beret: c&a
rubber bracelets: various ridiculous alternative shops
cuffs: episode
rings: gifts, including one from meow kiki
necklace: vintage
pocket watch: gift

i looooooove vintage mens jackets. they have so many pockets. my favourite part of this one is the special pocket watch pocket in the right pocket <(^-^)>
i also adore these pants. i’ve been meaning to do a review on them for, uhm, months now.





dress: wearydrearies
tights: hema
shoes: doc martens
bag: callow lily
cameo necklace† : bella lili
other necklace: vintage
rubber bracelets: various ridiculous alternative shops
cuffs: episode

worn to the murderdolls last night! i wish i had more dresses from wearydrearies. i love them. & another necklace from bella lili. this one didn’t survive the night ): i should have been more careful. or tucked it into my bag or something. but it was so much fun.
as for the makeup, i did it on a whim. i wanted something grotesque/ugly. i can’t apply makeup neatly anyway. & wednesday did a similar lipstick smile, which i thought was awesome. i’ve never seen him do that before.

  1. Danielle says:

    You look so different without your glasses! I think I will adopt your outfit from January 14th when I go to the Music as a Weapon 5 concert on Friday. I am thinking purple top, black blazer, black leggings, and my black sneakers since it will be snowing as well.


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