etsy shop review: meow kiki clothing

Posted: January 17, 2011 in diy propaganda
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this is so overdue. i’ve had these since like november. but better late than never & all.

remember when i said how some craftsters have spoiled me? exhibit a right here.








i love heather. not only is the quality of her clothes amazing, she also does extra little things. & she’s a lovely person in general. in the package there were the clothes, care sheets for both, a handwritten thank you note, business cards, a sticker (which is now on my school portfolio map) AND an adorable gift ring. i wish i could buy clothes from her more often.
the only thing was that shipping took a bit long, but i’ll assume there were special circumstances because i’ve ordered from her without incident before. & she gave me discount for a next order as compensation.

now the actual clothes.



I LOVE THESE PANTS SO MUCH. i’ve been lusting after them for so long. they are so perfect. well, almost perfect. they don’t have pockets, which is kind of obnoxious, but pockets wouldn’t have looked good on them anyway. & damn, do they look good. they’re crazy comfortable too. like a second skin. they also have such awesome little details. belt loops, chunky zipper at the front, batwing shape at the back (which i probably should have taken my own picture of). LOVE THEM.
the tanktop i mostly bought because i was buying from her anyway & it had as i lay dying on it. i could always use more tanks. it’s pretty basic. good quality. not much else to say about that one.

the pants (custom size) are still available, by the way. so if you want them…

some more awesome things for sale:

trust me, you won’t regret buying anything from her. i absolutely recommend meow kiki clothing.


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