what i wore 11/02/10

Posted: November 2, 2010 in what i wore
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when i was taking pictures for my shop the other day & nonchalantly added that little pink belt to my polka dot dress, to go with that shrug, it struck me just how AMAZING that little addition was. & of course i had to replicate that in an outfit that would see the light of day.


i love how all these patterns look together. also, the colours.



dress: handmade
underskirt: handmade
cropped hoodie: toxic vision
tights: pieces
shoes: trusty doc martens (wow, it’s been long since i did a wiw without these shoes :p)
headband: claire’s
necklaces: self-made with a CANCER BATS guitar pick, callowlily & bella lili
belt: handmade
gloves: gift


this thing really gave me a headache. the band part is metal.
darn its prettiness.



& coat from we ❤



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