etsy shop review: obsequies

Posted: October 5, 2010 in diy propaganda

so, with all the handmade things i buy & you people visiting my blog who are interested in handmade things i thought it would be a good idea to review them (:


last tuesday i bought a clownaroundtown shirt & yellojello skirt (aren’t those names adorable?) from obsequies. i came across her work on deviantart & loved it. she makes such fun, quirky clothes. they’re not very expensive either, which i think is strange with how good the quality is, but i digress.
so, i bought them on tuesday. from canada. while i live in holland. & i would have gotten them on SATURDAY, if someone had been home at the time, but because no one was i had to pick it up at the post office yesterday. still, CRAZY FAST SHIPPING. & the package was so adorable. this is what it looked like:



it was almost a shame to ruin it by tearing it open. the inside was much more simple, only the clothes (which were the most important anyway) & a little monster inc sticker. i despise anything new disney, but i thought it was sweet anyhow. & the clothes! they look amazing, are very well-crafted & super comfortable. i did not want to take them off.




the only thing missing was a label. to me at least, clothes look incomplete without a label. & labels also add that professional touch, however unprofessional they may look. they did have tags though, which my own clothes don’t (yet).

in conclusion: i love. definitely recommend this shop. will buy more from her, somewhere in the future. here are some other things on sale from her for you to drool over:

hope you enjoyed this post!

(i wish i could have taken better pictures, but my good camera was already in diemen while i was not)

  1. Oh my I love the look of this shop! Thank you for reviewing it, the clothes look so colourful and slinky.

  2. Ash says:

    Aww ^_^ I’ve never been reviewed before.
    Looks like the newspaper took a slight kick in transit, but overall not too shabby =P I’m happy you liked the packaging ^_^
    I’ve been trying to think up a good label for on my clothes, but so far, nothing too exciting. I’ll get there soon enough though 🙂
    Thanks for the great review, I’m always happy to hear from customers 🙂

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