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Posted: May 30, 2010 in fiction
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Photobucket know what you want for your 18th birthday yet?” Mother smiled.
Giselle swallowed the bite of chicken she had just taken and answered “I don’t need anything special,” she said in a voice that could give you a toothache.
Emerson rolled his eyes. His little sister was such an insufferable saint. It was impossible to keep up with her.
“Now, don’t be modest,” Father chimed in, “your 18th birthday is a big deal.”
“Not to me,” Giselle calmly answered. “I don’t need superficial presents to keep me happy. I’ve already got everything I want.” Her smile lit up the room like the sun.
Emerson felt like throwing up. Instead he stuffed some more potatoes down his throat, hoping they would just shut up. It was just a matter of time before…
“Did you hear that Emerson? Now, why can’t you be more like that?”
Emerson glared at his sister. She didn’t notice. He hated how perfect she was. Though she never means to, she always makes him look far worse than he is. Their parents didn’t appreciate him at all. It was always all about Giselle. With her innocent charm and helpfulness and devotion to God and brain-dead obedience. Oh, yes, and she was straight. She was everything a Christian parent could ever dream of. Sometimes Emerson wished she would just…
Suddenly all the candles blew out. Glass shattered. A flaming arrow zoomed over their heads. Giselle screamed. Emerson and his father jumped up. Before the latter could grab his musket, dark figures flew into the dining room, cackling their heads off. More flaming arrows followed. Before any of the Yagers could tell what was going on, the parents were bound and the kids ushered outside. Their parents screamed “Giselle!” and Giselle started crying. Emerson was offended that his parents didn’t call his name. Seriously? Was he such an abomination unto God? That infuriated him much more than the sudden attack.
The attackers made all kinds of commotion inside, setting as much as they could on fire. Their parents screamed and screamed. The noise terrified Emerson. It terrified him even more when one of them was abruptly cut off and the other screamed harder still. Both of his hands were held behind his back, as were Giselle’s. He tried to wrestle loose, but their kidnappers were inhumanly strong. And still, they were laughing. Emerson looked at Giselle. She was silently crying. A dark cap was forced over Emerson’s head and he could see no more. His heart hammered in his chest. He couldn’t believe this was happening. It was all so fast…
“Where’s your God now?” a rasping voice asked near his ear.
“I’m the only one here who doesn’t believe in God,” Emerson snapped, “Let me go.”
“Ah, well. That won’t save you now.”
He felt a sharp pain in his neck and was slowly losing consciousness. All he heard was the fire crackling in the distance.


it’s the prologue for a novel-length story i’m working on right now. it still needs a little tweaking, but i thought i’d share it anyway. i started it over a year & a half ago for nanowrimo. i didn’t finish. a couple of months ago i started working on it again because i thought it was such a shame to abandon a story i had already written over 10,000 words of. besides, i’m so sick of all those modern, romantic, vegetarian vampire crap stories, i feel compelled to write something better. lately i’ve become so obsessed with finishing it. i’ll do that sometime next month. & then i’ll probably spend a few more months editing it. & then i’ll get it published, if only through something like lulu. why not, right?

thanks for reading! feel free to give your opinion on it.

  1. Kylie says:

    This sounds AMAZING and I hope you post more of the story!

    • maraleopard says:

      aww, thank you so much ^-^
      i definitely will, eventually. when i’ve gone through it all & edited it. i’ll probably add more to this prologue too.

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