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Posted: May 26, 2010 in maraluce, uncategorized

(bookshelves above my bed, way less than half of the books i own)

with all the books i’ve been reading lately a post like this was inevitable, really. (since i got myself that new stack of books the sunday before last i’ve read seven; halfway through the eight, the virgin suicides ♥, right now) besides, i’ve been neglecting my blog way too much & needed to post something new & different.

if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might remember that one of my goals for this year was to read at least 78 books. so far i’ve read 33.


1. twee vrouwen – harry mulisch (for school, when i was still in it)
2. een leeg huis – marga minco (school)
3. artemis fowl: de russische connectie – eoin colfer
love this series. fantastic characters, plot, general writing style. wish i could get them in english!
4. coraline – neil gaiman
i should not have watched the movie first. i kept automatically comparing them, which greatly detracted from my enjoyment of it. still awesome though.
5. bezonken rood – jeroen brouwers (school)
6. sleuteloog – hella s. haasse (school)
surprisingly awesome.
7. terug tot ina damman – s. vestdijk (school)
8. artemis fowl: de verloren kolonie – eoin colfer
9. bloodsong – melvin burgess
10. the girl who loved tom gordon – stephen king
11. cirque du freak: sons of destiny – darren shan (re-read)
best ending to a series ever.
12. vittorio the vampire – anne rice
13. dead until dark – charlaine harris
one of the few modern vampire books/series i really love. i love sookie (finally, a good, strong female main character who isn’t annoying), i love the vampires in it (who are actually vampires), i love the tone & setting. it’s the perfect antidote for that twilight shit.
14. gossip girl: er is geen betere – cecily von ziegesar
love this series too. it’s pretty much the only ‘chick lit’ i can stand to read.
15. stargirl – jerry spinelli
i can barely express how much i love this book. read it if you haven’t already.
16. series of unfortunate events: the reptile room – lemony snicket
so tragic, yet so very funny & clever. this year i will really finish this amazing series.
17. the fountainhead – ayn rand
same as #15.
18. de gevleugelde kat – isabel hoving
recommended to me by a friend. it’s so original, i love it. it’s translated to english too.
19. dead as a doornail – charlaine harris
20. definitely dead – charlaine harris
21. dreamcatcher – stephen king
22. de grote freakshow – darren shan (re-read)
23. all together dead – charlaine harris
24. monstrous regiment – terry pratchett
loved, loved, loved this. just all those girls dressing up as boys would make this one of my new favourite books. but it’s also just hilarious. i really should read terry pratchett books more often. if only the english ones weren’t ALWAYS loaned out at the library…
25. m is for magic – neil gaiman
26. haunted – chuck palahniuk ?
the most disgusting, disturbing, brilliant book i’ve ever read. it’s really funny too, at times.
27. series of unfortunate events: the wide window – lemony snicket
28. doing it – melvin burgess
i’ve come across this book so often & was always hesitant to read it because the plot didn’t speak to me at all. but, melvin burgess is one of my favourite writers & no matter what the story is about, i tend to love it. so i did finally read it & predictably loved it. besides, how could i resist a book that was an ‘assault on teenage morals’?
29. anansi boys – neil gaiman
30. het transgalactisch liftershandboek – douglas adams
aka the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. this was such a pain to read. not because of the story, no, no, no, i loved that, but because of the language i’d read it in. it was the perfect reminder to not read books translated from english anymore if i could help it. they changed all the names (& i think places? the story started somewhere near amsterdam) & butchered a lot of the jokes & science things & generally dutchified it SO MUCH. my god. i’m totally re-reading this in english. & staying away from translated books. (in the spirit of ranting at dutch: i actually started reading the translated neverwhere from neil gaiman today, i had already loaned it from the library before the aforementioned translation-trauma & after two pages i already couldn’t stand it anymore (‘alles kits‘? said by a grown woman? what the hell?) & went right back to the library to get it out of my sight. & then i went to the bookstore to buy it in english)
31. series of unfortunate events: the miserable mill – lemony snicket
32. series of unfortunate events: the austere academy – lemony snicket
33. living dead in dallas – charlaine harris


what books have you read lately? any recommendations? want me to review the books i read as i go along?

  1. Rachael says:

    I just read Stargirl, and have to agree with you. It’s very different, very beautiful in an unassuming way. Everyone should read!

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