plain pink day dress & matching belt

Posted: May 23, 2010 in my creations
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i apologize for posting so few this past week. there’s no real reason for it, my mind just hasn’t been on internet things this week. silly, i know. i was on such a good blogging roll too. ah, well. i’m getting back to it, starting with this post.

i made this dress today:


i’ve wanted a dress like that for foreverrrr. & now i have! ^-^ it was a lot more frustrating to make than i had expected. i almost literally worked on it ALL day. i started cutting the fabric at around 9 am & just finished the belt at 7:30-ish pm. i only took a few breaks to eat & read for half an hour. the sleeve parts aren’t perfect, but other than that i’m really satisfied with how it turned out.


i love having a tripod. i used it to take these pictures. it makes photographing yourself SO MUCH easier. & i still really really love my new camera too. the quality is so amazing compared to my old one. i probably could’ve taken better pictures. the lighting & my head look weird in these. but this is about the dress anyway.


i love the colour of it so much. & it has pockets! in the side-seams. there are few things more awesome than dresses with pockets.

oh, & that little belt is the first proper belt i’ve ever made. it wasn’t that hard, but i’m still very proud of it. of the collar too. i rarely do those kinds of collars, because they suck to make.


thanks for looking!

  1. Rachael says:

    That dress is just perfect. I love it, and it looks incredibly well made. Great job on it!

  2. Caitlin says:

    Wow love the dress!!! It looks amazing on you. Your clothing is always so inspiring.

  3. […] that’s almost all i’ve sewn since that last dress. it’s ridiculous. otherwise i’ve only resized a few things & made a totally plain […]

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