things i love thursday

Posted: May 20, 2010 in things i love thursday


discovering side-pockets in a coat i thought pocket-less buying books again! now having a sookie stackhouse boxed set with the first eight books! & on top of that a fresh stack of books from the library (book nerd alert) good reads writing & anticipating finishing a story of epic proportions, which i’d abandoned for over a year that high-waisted skirt i made last week being called strawberry shortcake when wearing said skirt (i probably should’ve done an outfit post about that) seeing my oldest friends again, they always make me laugh & speaking of things that make me laugh! my dad going over the back fence with loyal employees & cutting all the trees down from the neighbors when he thought they wouldn’t be back for a while & then hiding from them ever since they came back that very night, because those trees bothered him, dropping worms in our pool & all. it’s so absurd it kills me this sweet tweet from @marajade13: I feel so cool! A super talented artist and clothing designer is following me! @maraleopard! Check her out! She’s amazing! =^_^= getting contacted for custom orders & the prospect of self-earned money! i’d really rather have people buy already made things from either of my shops, but it’s still awesome new lime crime make-up! it’s been far too long. i am now the proud owner of countessa fluorescent, airborne unicorn, circus girl & empress how much longer the days have gotten dropping unwanted change all over town for other people to find, like stargirl

spent most of the week being a nerd & reading & writing. i’ve read three books since sunday.

“read – and be curious. and if somebody says to you: ‘things are this way. you can’t change it’ – don’t believe a word.”
— cornelia funke

  1. I love the optimism and positivity that exudes from your posts! =]

  2. Mara Jade says:

    I only tweet the truth! =^_^=

  3. Joanne Faith says:

    I like hearing about Lime Crime, have you had good experiences with the products? Cute tweet, I’d be stoked! x

  4. Sarai says:

    Your high-waisted skirt is too adorable.

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