some high-waisted skirts

Posted: May 13, 2010 in my creations
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i just finished this today:


i love it so much! mostly because of the fabric. i was going to use that fabric to make something for my shop, but i torture myself enough with pretty clothes i can’t wear. so i made this lovely skirt for me :] i really needed more high-waisted skirts. still do. i think they might be my new thing. they’re so comfortable & flattering & make your legs look longer.


i wanted to add pockets in the side-seams, but, as often, i only just remembered that i was going to do that when i had already serged the sides shut. such a shame. pockets would really have made this one of the best skirts ever. despite that i made it a wee bit too big.


this one i made a looooong time ago, just never posted it. mostly because i wasn’t sure whether it was finished or not.


& just as i decided that it was finished & had photographed it & everything, i got the idea to add another row or two of lace at the bottom. which i’ll do when i’ve bought more lace.


thanks for looking!


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