what i wore 05/12/10

Posted: May 12, 2010 in what i wore
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worn traipsing around the city with my friend nadia :] i just wanted to wear something easy, maybe even warm, preferably clothes that didn’t get out of my closet much.
these pictures were taken with my amazing new sony dsc-hx1. outside for a change. it was pretty cold. & i really only took my jacket off for that picture :p


shirt: vivifromage, with an evelyn evelyn button i feel the need to mention because it was a little gift from some awesome people i met at their show
skirt: handmade
leggings: hema
socks: the market
shoes: trusty doc martens
headband: handmade
belt: some alternative shop
rings: sugar mafia, abysmal, gifts
bag: the nightmare before christmas
jacket: wonder me?
scarf: american eagle
makeup: lime crime mirror mirror magic dust, black maybelline eyeliner, lancome mascara, max factor powder, purple rimmel nail polish


i love that my hair is a decent length for headbands again. i made the one i wore here when i was like 11 or 12. i don’t think i’ve ever worn it before. it didn’t have a bow at first, i only pinned that to it about five minutes before i left today. bows are awesome. know what else is awesome? finally being able to draw decent lines around my eyes with liquid eyeliner! i could never do that, until today. i probably should’ve taken a close-up picture. it’s funny, people, who can draw neat lines with liquid eyeliner, are always so amazed at my ability to draw the eyebrows i do, while i’m always so amazed by their ability to draw neat lines with liquid eyeliner.

a man at the subway station asked if i was going to a party or if i always dressed like this. i thought it was strange because i wasn’t all that dressed up. he liked my outfit though.

& when nadia & i were photographing each other, a woman in a super bright pink jacket who walked past us asked if we wanted her to take a picture of us together. she was so nice! this is the picture:


damn, we’re good-looking :p


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