things i love thursday

Posted: May 6, 2010 in things i love thursday


getting to see despised icon before they stopped touring winds of plague, i don’t usually like bands who throw something melodic into perfectly nice & heavy music, but they do it pretty well. plus, they’re fantastic live & one of the members complimented me on my cancer bats dress when i went to buy their music :p having money again! albeit from my dad as opposed to self-earned pondering what to buy with that money the imaginarium of doctor parnassus, i bought it on itunes on monday & i’ve already watched it four times very angry sounding music with positive, empowering lyrics still having the house to myself; three whole more days! vertical stripes how much attention that open letter to audrey kitching (& consequently the rest of my blog & my clothes) has gotten, while i had expected it to disappear into obscurity like all my other articles. it’s far from the best thing on my blog, but exposure is always good that my hair is very almost long & manageable enough to be able to go outside without a hat, almost neil gaiman stories, i really should read more of his books when a group of intimidating boys approach you, which you’d expect to say something nasty to you because you don’t exactly look conventional, & then one of them smiles at you & gives you a genuine compliment. it’s always such a pleasant surprise when people are actually good waking up in the morning & being able to breathe freely! i’ve been sick so unusually long this time (usually i’m all better within a week) & it’s really almost over being so inspired to create things that you can barely focus on anything else fitting into my old pants again. i’ve missed wearing those pants. my legs look so good in them

most of this week i’ve spent quietly recovering. but still, many awesome things :]

you have to do things that average people don’t understand, because those are the only good things.
–andy warhol


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