evelyn evelyn t-shirt reconstruction

Posted: May 4, 2010 in my creations
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just finished it! i was kind of in a hurry to reconstruct this, because i wanted to go to another show of them today in antwerp & wear it. it would look so lovely with my smarmy scrap skirt. but i’m not going after all & now it’ll probably just sit in my closet for a while. anyhow, i really like how this turned out :] i wanted to make a dress at first, but i didn’t have enough fabric for anything good. so i made this! i haven’t made a top like this in a long time. i learned to make that contour bust part at what the craft.


it’s kind of inspired by wearydrearies, maybe you can tell. if you disregard the bright colours & overall polished look :p


in case you were wondering, i did not make that flower, only added the heart button to it. it came with a necklace i bought & i didn’t really use it & thought it would look much better on this.

thanks for looking! feel free to comment! i’ve noticed an alarming decrease in comments the past week or two.

  1. Danielle says:

    Again another showing of the excellent talent you have…only thing I do is reconstruct the neck collars in t-shirts into a v-neck…but in either case this is awesome.


  2. Lucresa says:

    I just saw this on the Evelyn Evelyn website. It looks truly amazing! It makes me wish I actually knew how to make/modify my clothes.

    By the way, did you happen to be at the Evelyn Evelyn gig in Amsterdam (wearing a yellow dress)? You look really familiar in your photo.

    Anyways, you did an awesome job on the shirt! 🙂

    • maraleopard says:

      thank you! & you can always learn it :]

      a yellow dress like this? yeah, that was me. that’s where i bought that t-shirt! it was an amazing show, wasn’t it?

      • Lucresa says:

        That’s true 😉

        Yep, that’s the one. I got there quite a while before doors opened, when there were only like 8 people there, so you and your outfit really stood out 🙂
        Yes, the show was amazing! Did you get to meet Amanda and Jason afterwards?

      • maraleopard says:

        oh, okay :p then i probably saw you too! it was so empty out there for so long.
        yes, i did meet them :] they’re awesome. did you?

  3. Kayte says:

    This a a beautiful, wearable piece of art. I don’t suppose you make these to sell do you? or that you make custom pieces? If you do, email me: kals2@kent.ac.uk

    • maraleopard says:

      thank you :]
      no, i don’t make this exact design to sell. but i do make custom pieces! & i can make you something like it if you want to. i’ll just e-mail you about it in case you don’t read this.

  4. Mar says:

    I love this! it’s wonderful.

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