things i love thursday

Posted: April 30, 2010 in things i love thursday

so, it’s not exactly thursday anymore, but who cares?


the evelyn evelyn show wednesday. it was so awesome it needs its own paragraph. all the acts were awesome, sxip shirey was like nothing i’ve ever heard/seen before, so were evelyn evelyn themselves & jason webley & amanda palmer solo… wow. i wish i could go to another one of their shows! actually, i could. they’re playing in belgium on tuesday… & while it sounds far, antwerpen is about as far away from me as amsterdam… hmmm… of course, if i do go, i won’t be able to eat before mom gets back… i can live without food… but my parents really don’t like it when i spontaneously go to another country when they’re not here… where was i? oh right, how much i loved jason webley & especially amanda palmer. i met them! they’re exactly as nice & awesome as you’d expect them to be. i was too nervous to say much more than “hi!”, “can i get a hug?” & “thank you!” to them. but still, i met them! & love them even more now. amanda did kind of have a creepy way of looking at you though. now i know EXACTLY what harry means when he says that he sometimes had the uncomfortable feeling that dumbledore was x-raying him. she said that i was beautiful. & kissed me all over my face. she wasn’t entirely sober :p


the awesome people i met at the show, one even drove me all the way home later so i didn’t have to leave absurdly early with the train! they were so nice not having to go to suriname with my mom & brother! having the house all to myself for two weeks vintage dresses spending money, despite not so pleasant consequences dressing up for totally mundane things the prospect of having a job with a real, regular income soon, even though the job in question is high up on my list of things i never wanted to do compliments from strangers bright red lipstick ballerina shoes impromptu buffy marathons when i’m too exhausted for anything very productive

that’s all for this week! & just so you know, my friday features post will probably be a day late too.


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