what i wore 28/04/10

Posted: April 29, 2010 in what i wore
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to the evelyn evelyn show last night, which was amazing. GO SEE THEM. you won’t regret it. sxip shirey, jason webley & amanda palmer were awesome as well. & speaking of jason webley & amanda palmer, I MET THEM AFTER THE SHOW. they’re so awesome. but, since this an outfit post, i’ll spare you those details. i’ll save that for things i love thursday later :p

dress: vintage
waistcoat: handmade
underskirt: handmade
hat: miami ink
necklace: pieces
rings: sugar mafia, abysmal, gifts
shoes: doc martens
bag: living dead souls (& yes, it does actually play music!)
makeup: hema eyeliner, lancome eye pencil & mascara, mac lipstick


isn’t that dress amazing? the day before yesterday i discovered this amazing little vintage store in rotterdam, where i just couldn’t leave without a few dresses. this was one of them :] i love it. i felt like chuck from pushing daisies in it. except that she certainly wouldn’t have paired it with doc martens, heh.


boy, am i pale. i already knew i was pale of course, but boy, am i pale. i almost look white! it may sound like i think that’s a bad thing, but i really don’t. i’ve always found pale skin prettier than tan. i think i’ll just keep avoiding the sun like a plague :]

& a little what’s-in-my-bag feature, because i was so baffled at the amount of things i could stuff in that little bag, i had to share it. in it i had: a jacket for when it got cold later, a bottle of orange soda, a wallet nearly as stuffed as my bag, smint sugar-free mints, old christina aguilera pocket mirror, mac lipstick, camera which i didn’t use, a pack of tissues, a large evelyn evelyn t-shirt, evelyn evelyn cd, pack of evelyn evelyn playing cards, the now signed ticket, my cell phone which i forgot to picture & some paper junk i didn’t picture either.


  1. That dress IS amazing. In fact, the whole get-up is amazing. Your eyebrows! Those boots! That BAG! Phenomenal!

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