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Posted: April 23, 2010 in friday features
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something a little different this week. instead of featuring a bunch of items from etsy, i will feature something, or rather someone, from deviantart. a writer.


autumn christian is probably the most amazing unpublished (concerning actual books) writer i’ve ever come across. she calls herself a horror writer, but her work is so, SO much more than that. i can’t really explain it, you’ll have to read her work for yourself. (unless you’re very sensitive about scary/gory/god-related things, then you probably shouldn’t)

i’d recommend starting with he whispers like flowers, it’s not too long & like everything else, amazingly written. i mean, just read this: “He tasted like the snow my feet used to freeze in. Did you know the devil whispers like flowers? He does.
& another one of my favourites is walk on water, baby, if only for this piece of amazingness: ‘”Hell is a hallway with a single exit door. And on that door is a sign that says ‘This is not for you.’ You can leave hell any time, did you know that? you just have to leave by that door. Most of humanity will spend close to an eternity in hell because of this. Because ‘This is not for you.'”
“I don’t understand. ”
“You never imagined,” God said, “that salvation would come through disobedience.

seriously, check out her work. if you like reading at all (& are not easily disturbed), you will not be disappointed.


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