i made this yesterday. i love it so very much. i could wear it every day. it’s so cute & fruity & comfortable & flattering & has CANCER BATS on it <(^-^)> i usually don’t model clothes i don’t plan to sell myself, but my dressform really wouldn’t do this dress justice.


this is the first empire-waisted dress i’ve ever made out of a t-shirt. to me, it always seemed like such an obvious way to reconstruct a big ol’ t-shirt, which is why i always refused to do it. & also because these are very easy to get wrong. aesthetically, i mean. but then i saw this amazing hooded one & was inspired.


i bought that t-shirt at a cancer bats show on tuesday. i loved the colours of it. unfortunately i bought a medium (note to self: when planning to reconstruct it, ALWAYS buy the largest) & it didn’t quite have enough fabric in it for the part above the empire waist. that part is made out of four sleeves! two from other t-shirt remnants. it was a very tight fit, but i think it turned out well. & at the front i was able to use the sleeve parts to my advantage :]


i didn’t have to buy anything new to make this dress, which was awesome. have i mentioned how much i love it?


thanks for looking!

  1. Danielle says:

    HOLY OH MY GOSH! That dress rules! You are so talented…


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