things i love thursday

Posted: April 15, 2010 in things i love thursday

since my brother is a dirty homophobe & i’m in a vampire mood, i just couldn’t resist posting something gay & gory today :]


on to my, very long, list:

the sun & how warm it’s getting (usually i despise both, but after such a very long winter, they’re refreshing) so warm that i can wear bloomers without leggings/tights underneath them again being called pretty by people who are not just saying it because they want something from me! just being pretty :p banana/pineapple/mango/strawberry smoothies! amusing texts from people i like vivi for agreeing to trade pre-made clothing with me! (i’ve been so desperate for new, pretty things & so money-depraved lately, it’s depressing) queen of the damned, i finally watched it yesterday after having the dvd for forever, but being too much of a sissy to watch it without some cute person to hide behind if it got too scary before yesterday (i’ve read the books & there were soooo many gross things in them i would not like to see on screen, but they ended up cutting that whole story line out & nothing actually scary remained), & while the plot sucked & the dialogue made me cringe, i LOVED stuart townsend as lestat (seriously, if katherine moennig had convinced me that i was gay, he’s convinced me that i’m not) & the music & the general glamour & gothness


strapping myself up in a real corset, i honestly don’t understand how people can find it uncomfortable having my laptop all cleaned up & organized sookie stackhouse novels my new sewing machine! fresh salads for lunch instead of a sandwich that my hair is nearly past that most awkward in-between length being contacted by a french person on dawanda about an item she might buy, in french naturellement, & totally understanding just what she inquired about, WITHOUT the help of a dictionary! guess all those years of french classes weren’t completely wasted on me. i could even write a whole french message back, mostly from the top of my head new pink, shiny lip balm that tastes like strawberry ice cream discovering that that big bag of seeds at the top of the cupboard were not those disgusting pine (as i had assumed all the time), but in fact sunflower seeds! which i could never find anywhere before & then spotting the health shop sticker on it & asking my mom about that & discovering that there was a health shop in a nearby shopping center! where they had soooooo many organic, raw, gluten-free & vegan goodness, i couldn’t believe my eyes. i immediately bought a bag of goji (!) berries & some fruity gluten-free snack bars

& also this song:

i heard & loved it long before i watched the movie. in the movie it’s sung by that guy from korn, but i really prefer this version sung by jay gordon


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